Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Learning Jakarta Struts 1.2 ebook Download

Product DescriptionThis book is designed as a rapid and effective Struts tutorial for Java developers. The book builds a fully-featured web bookstore application incrementally, with each stage described step-by-step. Concepts are introduced simply and clearly as the design and implementation of this sample project evolves.

The emphasis is on rapid learning through clear and well structured examples. This book is written for Java developers planning to develop web applications, who are new to Struts. It expects familiarity with Java, JSP and Servlets to a degree, although more obscure elements are explained. It covers Struts 1.2.

About the Author
Stephan Wiesner was born in October 1973 in L¿neburg, Germany. He graduated in business informatics in 2003. He got introduced to Struts during his studies. He didn't understand the official documentation for Struts and therefore started to develop his own documentation. Feedback from all over the world encouraged him and finally he published it as a book. He currently lives and works in Lucerne, Switzerland, as a QS consultant and test manager.

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