Friday, 13 April 2012

Java Interview Questions Downlaod

You may be an experienced Java developer with hand on experience in core development or you may be a fresher who is looking for an entry in java job market, if you want to hit the job market , you may need to refresh some of the basic java terms or you may need to know what are the commonly asked questions to prepare yourself to for java technical interview.
You as an experienced java developer, just need to refresh your knowledge on java. But you as a fresher may need to know what can be the possible questions , what are the commonly asked questions, what are the valid answers for these questions and so on.

Here we are offering you some questions that we faced during different interviews. We have classified these questions into different sections like Core Java interview questions, Servlets JSP interview questions, EJB interview questions
, JMS interview questions, JDBC interview questions, Swing interview questions, J2EE interview questions, RMI interview questions, Design Patterns interview questions, etc. Depending on the categories, technologies and the availability of questions, the number of questions vary from 10 to 100 or even more.

We always welcome your feedback about the interview questions offered by us. In addition to the categories like core java , EJB, JSP, Servlets, ... we need more and more categories, more questions and answers. So if you have some questions, please help us with your questions. May be it is from core java, JSP, Servlets, or may be from some other java related technology that is not listed here, no problem . We need it. The java community needs it.



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