Thursday, 24 May 2012

What is the meaning of "public static void main" in JAVA?

The Main method is the method in which execution to any java program begins. 
A main method declaration looks as follows: 

public static void main(String args[]){ 

The method is public because it be accessible to the JVM to begin execution of the program. 

It is Static because it be available for execution without an object instance. you may know that you need an object instance to invoke any method. So you cannot begin execution of a class without its object if the main method was not static. 

It returns only a void because, once the main method execution is over, the program terminates. So there can be no data that can be returned by the Main method 

The last parameter is String args[]. This is used to signify that the user may opt to enter parameters to the java program at command line. We can use both String[] args or String args[]. The Java compiler would accept both forms. 

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